ADAMO Robot offers the physiotherapist the possibility of applying the combination of sustained pressure, or massage sweeps, without contact, together with the physiological effects produced by thermotherapy, becoming a support tool that will enhance the recovery of their patients. The physiological effects produced by the robot’s functionalities are already scientifically proven to be successful in recovering from injuries.

Pressure and massage have been studied for multiple pathologies, musculoskeletal, cancer, fibromyalgia, etc. Likewise, due to the different transport speeds between the fibers that conduct pain (C and Aδ fibers) and the fibers that conduct pressure (Aß), the activation of spinal interneurons can be provoked and block the transmission of nociceptive stimuli to higher nerve centers.

The control gate theory is based on the same principle; block pain by pressing the surface and control the neurological mechanism. In addition, the pressure generated by compressed air at skin level can block the release of allogeneic substances (substance P, bradykinin, histamine) and prevent the activation of various ion channels in nociceptive fibers that generate pain.

Thermotherapy, the use of cold reduces pain, blood flow, edema, inflammation, muscle spasms and metabolic demand. Physiological effects of heat therapy include pain relief and increased blood flow, metabolism, and elasticity of connective tissues.