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The Adamo robot, in which the CIBIR participates, this Tuesday at ‘El Hormiguero’

By January 22, 2022March 19th, 2022No Comments

The prototype, which is already being used in CARPA and in the Paris Saint-Germain handball team, will be presented in the science section of the program directed by Pablo Motos

The Antena 3 program ‘El Hormiguero’ features this Tuesday, in addition to the actors José Coronado and Mario Casas as guests (and on Wednesday, with Javier Cámara from La Rioja), with the robot Adamo in its science section. This device from the Adamo company, in which Inspiralia has a stake, has the collaboration of the La Rioja Biomedical Research Center (CIBIR). In each broadcast, the program directed by Pablo Motos dedicates a space to science and on this occasion the protagonist will be the robot whose design, in coordination with the Rioja Salud Foundation, involves both the SERIS Rehabilitation Service, in the clinical and patient care, and CIBIR researchers, where the data obtained is analyzed.