ADAMO ROBOT is deeply committed to respect for the privacy of users and the protection and security of their personal data. Due to this, the user is informed, here below, of the manner in which ADAMO ROBOT collects, processes and protects the personal data that are provided by Clients, Potential Clients, Collaborators / Suppliers and/or candidates for employment positions (hereinafter, Users), irrespective of the medium used for this.

Users must read carefully this privacy policy, which has been drafted in a clear and simple manner in order to facilitate its understanding, and determine, freely and voluntarily, whether they wish to provide their personal data to ADAMO ROBOT.

In addition, users guarantee that they are of legal age and that the data provided are true, precise, complete and up-to-date, with them being responsible for any damages, whether direct or indirect, that may be caused as a consequence of non-fulfilment of said obligation. Should the data provided belong to a third party, the users guarantee that they have informed said the third party of the aspects contained in this document and  obtained  its  authorization  to  provide  its  data  to  ADAMO ROBOT  for  the  purposes indicated.


The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform Users in relation to the conditions that will be applicable to the processing of personal data that ADAMO ROBOT will perform, being applicable to all processes managed by ADAMO ROBOT that involve the obtainment and processing of personal data.


ADAMO ROBOT will process the personal data of Users, in an automated form or otherwise, as may be appropriate, for the achievement of the following purposes, under the express consent of the users by means of their acceptance of this Privacy Policy:

    • To manage requests sent, irrespective of the class of the same, via any of the means made available by ADAMO ROBOT.
    • To process any applications for aids, subsidies, and help of any kind, from public, private, national or international entities, that Users may opt for.
    • To send information on any new positions or vacancies that ADAMO ROBOT may have to candidates for employment positions.
    • To send users communications of an informative, promotional and/or publicity- related  nature  related  to  the  activity  of  ADAMO ROBOT,  such  as  information  on services,   awards   received   by   ADAMO ROBOT,   events   in   which   ADAMO ROBOT participates, or the own initiatives of ADAMO ROBOT, via electronic and/or postal mediums.
    • Should this have been so requested; to manage the enrolment and participation  of  users  in  any  activities  /  events  in  which  ADAMO ROBOT  may participate, whether these may be organized individually or jointly together with other entities.

The processing of data for the mentioned purposes will be necessary for the achievement of the purposes inherent to the corporate purpose of ADAMO ROBOT, with

ADAMO ROBOT not taking any automated decisions in respect of the data collected.


All of the personal data requested are mandatory, with the exception of those in relation to which it may be expressly otherwise indicated, due to which refusal to provide them would suppose the impossibility of attending to the request made to us.

In order to achieve the purposes indicated above, among others, we may process the following categories of personal data:

    • Identification / contact data: name, surnames, address, National Identification Document number, telephone number (landline and mobile), and e-mail address.
    • Data of personal characteristics: date, sex, age, languages and nationality.
    • Professional data: the company to which the position / job belongs.

ADAMO ROBOT processes all personal data under the strictest conditions of security and confidentiality, with them being solely and exclusively processed by the former, except whenever it may be necessary, for the fulfilment of requests by users, to communicate the data to third parties, in which case this will be informed in advance (E.g.: Public entities, whether national or European, in the case of applications for aids, subsidies, etc.).

Without detriment to the foregoing, for the processing of data of users, ADAMO ROBOT has service providers to fulfil some of the aforementioned purposes.

Said service providers will process the data only for the purposes established by ADAMO ROBOT  and  following  its  precise  instructions,  meticulously  complying  with  legal regulations on personal data protection, the security of information and other applicable rules, with no user data to be communicated to said entities in any case.


ADAMO ROBOT will not transfer the personal data of users outside the European Economic Area without previously obtaining their consent, and, in any case, this shall be done to entities that guarantee a level of security and protection equivalent to that required in data protection regulations in Europe.


The data will be stored by ADAMO ROBOT for the time necessary to attend to user requests, and, once these have been attended to, for the time during which the purpose of the processing continues to be valid or until any possible future responsibilities prescribe, whatever the class of these may be, and, in any case, always provided that users do not exercise their rights of objection and cancelation.


ADAMO ROBOT will process user data in an absolutely confidential manner at all times, and respecting the mandatory duty to secrecy in respect of the same, in conformity with that provided in applicable regulations, adopting, for this purpose, any measures of a technical and organizational kind that may be necessary to guarantee the security of their data and prevent any modification, loss, or non-authorized processing or accessing of the same, taking into account the state of the art, the nature of the data

stored and the risks to which they are exposed.


You may exercise your rights by so requesting in writing at the e-mail address Specifically, you may:

  1. Revoke any consent previously granted.
  2. Access and be informed of the type of data that we have in relation to you.
  3. Rectify any imprecise or incomplete data.
  4. Request the erasure or cancellation of your data when, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.
  5. Object  to  certain  types  of  processing,  provided  that  these  are  not  essential  for  the fulfilment of the employment contract and/or any associated legal obligations.
  6. Request the portability of your data, as well as restriction on processing, in those cases provided for in data protection regulations.

In the same manner, you may submit a claim relating to the protection of your personal data to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, at Calle de Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 Madrid.

Last update 25 May 2018.