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Adamo Robot breaks into the market to cover, in the hand of the physiotherapist, the largest number of patients as described in this table:



People who suffer some type of injury or pain (cervical, lumbar, etc.) related to the position they take at their workplace.



People who have suffered some type of accident: work, traffic, etc.



People who perform some type of sport (professional or not) and who suffer an injury (sprain, muscle strain, tendonitis, PGM, etc.).



People who seek a preventive physiotherapy treatment and without justification of a severe pathology.



Elderly people who need treatment or rehabilitation.

The treatments are personalized thanks to the data collected by the physiotherapist, which is then applied to Adamo Robot in scheduled sessions. One of the main advantages of Adamo Robot is that it can collect information in each treatment session and show the evolution of the patient from the first tothe last session, thus measuring the evolution of the treatment.

This traceability allows us to know both the healthcare professional and the patient, documenting their evolution with respect to their pathology in a simple and graphic way.

Adamo gives us an assessment prescribed by the health personnel, it will graphically indicate us the affected points in our body and will show us the sessions received, duration and evolution.

Thanks to our mobile application ADAMO offers the patient the possibility of, once prescribed the treatment in a first session by his rehabilitation doctor or physiotherapist, save all his history and decide by geolocation where he wants to receive the treatment with Adamo Robot