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The company Adamo Robot SL was born in 2021 as a spin-off from Future Sense SL, a company created with the aim of developing innovative solutions using robotic technology in the field of physiotherapy. After more than 5 years of research and with the support and validation of the University of Oviedo and the University of Alcalá, the first Adamo Robot robotic system was born, a device that integrates state-of-the-art components, such as the UR robotic arm and the FLIR thermal camera, and which uses a jet of pressurized air for the treatment of all types of musculoskeletal disorders. Since that first prototype, numerous changes have been included in the design of Adamo Robot, both in its hardware and in its software, to make it an ergonomic, robust and, above all, effective device.

In 2020, Adamo Robot began researching together with La Rioja Biomedical Research Center (CIBIR), which has since become our main research partner. In 2021, and despite the break caused by the COVID pandemic, the Adamo Robot device met two important milestones in its development. On the one hand, it completed the clinical trials carried out by CIBIR, which demonstrate the efficacy of its treatments. In addition, it passed the most demanding electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility tests necessary to be qualified as a medical device according to the new regulations of the European Union.

The name Adamo is inspired by Michelangelo’s fresco in the Sistine Chapel, “The creation of Adamo”, which shows God creating Adam. Similarly, we have created Adamo Robot in the image and likeness of the physiotherapist.

Our Team

Carlos Jimenez

Managing Director

Carlos Jiménez is Spanish, works as Managing Director at Adamo Robot and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing. Carlos speaks Spanish and English.

Aleksandra Gruszkiewicz


Aleksandra Gruszkiewicz is German/Polish, she is our expert and public funding and public procurement. Aleksandra speaks German, Polish, English, and Spanish.

Samir Nabulsi

Technical Director

Samir Nabulsi is Spanish, he works as a Technical Director, expert in Robotics Engineer and Automatics. Samir speaks Spanish, English and German.

Manuel Rodriguez

Director Health / Rehabilitation

Clinical Profesional with more 25 years of experience and University profesor in UFV in Madrid. Rehabilitation / Physiotherapy and Osteopathy. Manuel speaks Spanish and English

María Eugenia Recio


Bachelor degree in physiotherapy with more than 13 years of experience. Expert in massage therapy and therapeutic exercise. Enthusiastic about the most state-of-the-art physiotherapy techniques as well as innovative treatments. María Eugenia speaks Spanish, English and French

María Peña


Bachelor degree in physiotherapy with experience in hospital rehabilitation, clinical therapy and sport physiotherapy. Maria speaks Spanish, English and Italian