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After more than five years of research and work in the field of medicine, ADAMO ROBOT was born. ADAMO has developed the most innovative robotic technology within the medical-rehabilitation area. The company has brought together a group of professionals who combine all the technical and knowledge capacities in different fields of action (medicine / engineering / consulting …) to put ADAMO out in the market. A solution that is born from the hands of a physiotherapist and uses robotic technology for the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies.

The collaborative robot (100% safe) of ADAMO is an automaton that uses compressed air to perform pressure of between 4 to 8 bars, which produces the desired effects on the patient’s back. Three functional prototypes have been developed that have been tested with great success in clinics and hospitals prior to commercial sale of ADAMO ROBOT. ADAMO ROBOT is born as a joint venture between two leading companies in their sectors: Inspiralia Advanced Technologies, expert in research consulting, business development and innovation, and Ordóñez Clinic, a multidisciplinary medical center specialized in pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system.

Adamo Robot, born from the leading company Inspiralia Advanced Technologies, expert in research, development and innovation consultancy.

Using Robotic Collaborative elements to improve our quality of life has become a part of our present and we have been able to use its advantages for many years. Robots, guided by people, must perform repetitive tasks more efficiently.

We dedicate our work to the development and use of technologies that help improve the quality of life of people.

Adamo Robot aims to measure the pathologies of the musculoskeletal system in the hands of the healthcare professional and, under criteria of safety and accessibility, apply the treatment prescribed by the Physiotherapist or rehabilitative Physician using robotic technologies.

We will present ADAMO all over the world in an economic, safe and measured way, being  the people and their welfare our focus.

Carlos Jiménez
Managing Director

As a result of this investigation, the “Adamo Robot” project was born, whose main objective is to reach as many people as possible with this robotic technology for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries at the lowest cost and the maximum therapeutic benefits.

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