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The world’s first collaborative robot that treats MSDs with compressed air

For Rehabilitation Centers and Hospitals – Clinics or Sport Clubs

ADAMO is a robotic medical device capable of aiding in the diagnosis of back pain injuries and delivering contactless treatment using temperature-controlled pressurized air. ADAMO can help reduce patient recovery times, waiting lists, and treatment costs.

Painless treatments
All the treated patients report feeling no pain whatsoever during the treatment using the Visual Analog Scale.

Scientifically proven efficacy
According to the clinical trials conducted by La Rioja Centre of Biomedical Research (CIBIR), treatments with Adamo are at least as effective as manual treatments.

Custom proprietary softwate
Constantly updated software for the best user experience. User friendly and visual interface for maximum ease of use.

Eliminate risk of cross-contamination between patients. Ideal for pathologies in which the therapist can’t contact the oatient’s skin.

Thermographic technology
Adamo comes equiped with a high resolution thermal camera. The resulting thermal images can aid :herapis:s in the diagnosis process and measure the evolution of the patients.

Improves treatment efficiency
Adamo treatments are shorter and contribute to shorten revovery times for patients, maximizing the number of patients treated and reducing waiting lists.

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